The Last 5 Years

Our first show for online streaming!

The Last 5 Years

The Covid pandemic has been devastating for everyone in so many ways. At Barnstaple Musical Comedy & Dramatic Society we have missed seeing our friends, singing, dancing and performing for an audience.

And so, we have decided to try something a bit out of our comfort zone and stage a musical to be exclusively broadcast online.

With the exception of some interludes in live performances, we have never explored the idea of broadcasting a show to audiences, quite simply because of the complications of getting the correct licences and where and how to broadcast it.

Well one of the positive things that has com out of the pandemic is a need for the arts to reach their audiences when their usual venues are not open, so we have begun to see a bigger push from the Rights Holders to promote streaming licences for certain shows. That was the biggest step forward for us. 

Next came working out how we could broadcast, but still recoup some costs by charging a ticket fee. Well, similarly to the streaming licenses, more online platforms have stepped up to offer just that. We have settled on a platform called 'Stream.Theatre', which will allow us to setup our performance for specific dates and charge a ticket fee, just as you would at the theatre (except you can raid the biscuit cupboard whenever you like)!

In addition we will, due to social distancing rules, be holding our first 'Video Auditions'. Anyone who wants to audition and commit to the production, will upload a video of their audition, through a page on our website, which will be available for a two-week window. Then, our production team will review all the submissions to select their Catherine and Jamie.

Rehearsals will also take place in a mixture of ways. Some will inevitable be held via video chat, while some will be more traditional (as H&S rules allow) at Centre Stage in Barnstaple. Homework will be considerable - but then who wouldn't throw everything into roles like this?!

So we hope that you will all support us in our endeavour to keep producing high quality amateur theatre. See you online!



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Monday, 10 May 2021

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