Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Cast

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was a great turnout and some parts could have easily been cast several times over from the talent available.

The children's company audition will be in the afternoon of the 28th December - watch this space...

Please note there will be two teams of Children - provisionally named the Chitty Team and The Bang Team.

Potts - George Rawlinson
Grandpa - David Archer
Truly - Claire Ayres
Boris - Billy Buckingham
Goran - Jordan Buckingham
Baron - Neil Rudd
Baroness - Debbie Hadley
Childcatcher - Lynne Malone
Lord Scrumptious - Jeremy Gilbanks
Toymaker - Charlotte Cowley
Jemima - Renie Crossland/Ruby Collins
Jeremy - Sonny Worsley/Alfie Taylor


Team Chitty including Ruby and Alfie will perform on Thursday 24th Jan evening, Saturday 26th evening, Sunday 27th at 12 noon.
Team Bang including Renie and Sonny will perform on Friday 25th evening, Saturday 26th matinee, Sunday 27th at 4pm.

Company (other characters to be allocated from within the company in due course):
Jess Matthews
Ella Clifton
Emily Reid
Sophie Lerwill
Maddie Warren
Sarah Ford
Serin Terzi
Vicki Fillingham
Meryem Kalaycilar
Khadine Ruhleman
Freya Ruhleman
Emily Archer
Kayleigh Newcombe
Julie Snooks 
Judith Barnes
David Helicon