You got it comin'

You got it comin'

Our next big musical production is causing a stir already...

The production will be at The Queen's Theatre in Barnstaple, 28th & 29th February 2020 (that's two evening shows and a jazzy matinee)!

Jake is super excited because he is being re united with Graham. Not just Graham but Graham and Sarah! Not just Graham and Sarah, but Graham and Sarah to do CHICAGO!!!!! Could it be any more exciting for a director?! And held together but the producer glue that is Julie Snooks :-)

Musical Director: Graham Ruhleman
Choreographer: Sarah King
Director: Jake Goodenough
Producer: Julie Snooks

Chicago is one of those musicals that even if you don’t know well you can probably visualise the poster for. Fishnets, Black basques and blazers. Cod pieces (or a blessed natural anatomy) will all be there for the lucky audience as Barnstaple Musical Comedy bring the musical that gave us All That Jazz, Razzle Dazzle, and When You’re Good To Mama to Barnstaple for the first time ever.