Who's Behind Bars?

Who's Behind Bars?

When the time comes (that'd be 17th Nov 2019), what characters are in the show and who might you audition for?

Main Characters:

Roxie Hart - An ex-socialite and failed vaudeville aspirant on trial for killing her paramour, who uses her predicament for a second shot at fame.

Velma Kelly - A vaudevillian and murderess who is on trial for killing her cheating husband and sister. Bitter rivals with Roxie, she narrates much of the musical from her perspective.

Billy Flynn - Velma and Roxie's shady but effective defense attorney, a master of the media.

Amos Hart - Roxie's generous but naïve and insecure husband, with whom Roxie has long fallen out of love except when she needs favors. The other characters largely treat him as irrelevant.

Matron Mama Morton - The well-connected matron of the Cook County Jail. Grants the inmates favors in exchange for bribes.

Mary Sunshine - A newspaper reporter who portrays even the worst of criminals in a sympathetic light. Can be played by a female or in drag.

Plus Ensemble including:

Fred Casely: Roxie's paramour, a furniture salesman. Shot dead at the beginning of the play, he appears frequently in flashbacks.

Sergeant Fogarty: The police officer who investigates Roxie's case.

Martin Harrison: Assistant district attorney tasked with prosecuting Roxie.

Katalin: Also known as the "Hunyak," an immigrant woman falsely accused of decapitating her husband. She cannot speak English except for the words "not guilty" and "Uncle Sam" and refuses to confess to a crime she insists she did not commit.

Aaron: Katalin's incompetent, indifferent public defender. His unwillingness to defend Katalin and inability to get her to plead guilty leads to Katalin's hanging.

Mona Lipschitz, Annie Young, June, and Liz: Other female murder suspects at the Cook County Jail; primarily appear only in the ‘Cell Block Tango' number.
Go-to-Hell Kitty: A spoiled pineapple heiress who briefly steals the spotlight away from Velma and Roxie. Also one of Billy's clients. Her lecherous husband Harry also appears briefly before being killed on-stage.

A nameless juror, bailiff, court clerk (too lazy to give oaths to those taking the stand) and judge are also among the ensemble.