When and Where?!

When and Where?!

You got into the show, but when and where do you need to be now?

Let's take a look at the schedule...

All rehearsals take place at Centre Stage in Barnstaple (unless otherwise stated). Tuesday & Thursday rehearsals from 7:30pm to 9:30pm (may overrun) and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.

Sunday 17th November - Auditions - Anyone wanting to perform - From 15:00 to late

Tuesday 19th November - Vocal Rehearsal - Full Company

Thursday 21st November - Vocal Rehearsal - Full Company

Sunday 24th November - Choreography All That Jazz - Velma, Dancers & Ensemble

Tuesday 26th November - Vocal Rehearsal - Christine 7:30, Cell Block Tango Ladies 8:00 (ish)

Thursday 28th November - Blocking Act 1 Scenes Four & Five - Matron, Velma, Roxie

Sunday 1st December - Vocal Rehearsal - 10:00am All I Care About is Love - Billy & Girls. 11:00am Me & My Baby Roxie - Girls & Boys. 11:30am Roxie - Roxie & Boys. 13:30pm to End - Velma, Roxie, Mama Morton.

Tuesday 3rd December - Blocking Act 1 Scenes Two & Six - Roxie, Amos, Fogarty

Thursday 5th December - Vocal Rehearsal - Full Company

Sunday 8th December - Choreography Cell Block Tango - Velma, Dancers & Ensemble Women

Tuesday 10th December - Blocking Act 1 Scenes Six to Eight - Roxie, Amos, Billy, Sunshine, Matron

Thursday 12th December - Choreography All I Care About - Billy, Dancers & Ensemble Women

Sunday 15th December - Vocal Rehearsal - Full Company

Tuesday 17th December - Blocking Act 1 Scenes Nine to Eleven - Roxie, Velma, Matron, Kitty, Harry, Sunshine, Billy,

Thursday 19th December - Choreography We Both Reached for the Gun - Billy, Roxie, Sunshine, Dancers & ensemble

Sunday 22nd December - Choreography Roxie - Roxie & Ensemble Men

Sunday 29th December (11am-2pm) - Choreography Me & My Baby - Roxie, Callie, Claire, Finlay & Karl

Thursday 2nd January - Choreography I Can’t Do It Alone - Velma

Sunday 5th January - Run & Recap All to Date - Full Company

Tuesday 7th January -
Blocking Act 2 Scene One - Velma, Reporters, Billy, Doctor, Roxie, Sunshine, Amos, Matron

8:45-9:45pm - All That Jazz (Clean & Drill)

Thursday 9th January - Choreography When Velma Takes The Stand - Velma & Ensemble Men

8:45-9:45pm - All I Care About (Clean & Drill)  Andrew you don't need to stay for this

Tuesday 14th January - Blocking Act 2 Scenes Two to Four - Billy, Velma, Roxie, Hunyak, Matron, Aaron, Bailiff

8:45-9:45pm - We Both Reached for the Gun (Clean & Drill)  Andrew & Licha, not essential you stay

Thursday 16th January - Choreography Razzle Dazzle...

7:30pm - With Fans: Claire, Nay, Sadbhb, Callie, Sarah, Sam, Alice & Beth
8:30pm - Andrew, Couples to be used on rostrum/stairs (Callum & Rebekah, Fin & Kayleigh, Danny & Ella, Jordan & Claudia, Wayne & Khadine, Karl & Bev)
Ladies that were my extra rostrum 6 in Cell Block are NOT in this number - trying to keep things fair between ensemble members!

Tuesday 21st January - Blocking Act 2 Scene Five - Billy, Judge, Harrison, Clerk, Amos, Roxie, Fred

8:45-9:45pm - Cell Block Tango (Main Stage chair ladies ONLY. That's the dance team and Lynne please)

Thursday 23rd January - Choreography Nowadays / Hot Honey Rag - Roxie & Velma

Sunday 26th January - Choreography Finale - Full Company

10-11am - Cell Block Tango (Rostrum chair ladies only - Val, Jo, Mandy, Holly, Miranda, Nikita)
11am - FInalé
Continue until 4pm running all production numbers

Tuesday 28th January - Blocking Act 2 Scene Six - Sunshine, Velma, Matron

Thursday 30th January - Vocal Rehearsal - Full Company

Tuesday 4th February - Blocking Act 2 Scene Seven - Sunshine, Billy, Roxie, Judge, Juror, Amos, ensemble

Thursday 6th February - Choreography Rehearsal - Full Company

Tuesday 11th February - Blocking General - Full Company

Thursday 13th February - Run act 1 - Full Company

Tuesday 18th February - Fixing As required - Full Company

Thursday 20th February - Run act 2 - Full Company

Sunday 23rd February - Band Rehearsal & Cast Run through - Full Company

Tuesday 25th February - Costume Rehearsal at Centre Stage - Full Company

Thursday 27th February - Technical/Performance Rehearsal at QT - Full Company

Friday 28th February - Evening Performance at QT - Full Company

Saturday 29th February - Matinee and Evening Performance at QT - Full Company