Production Contribution

Production Contribution

Putting on a show is no small outlay when it comes to finances.

As a charity BMCDS beg and borrow for as much as we can and look to make savings wherever possible. Our audiences expect and deserve as professional a finish as possible when they come to see our shows. Several of our recent productions have cost in in the region of £50'000.00 to stage!

What costs us money? Well, most things to be fair but some examples included: Professional hired sets and costumes, Professional and Semi Professional musicians, rehearsal spaces, performing rights and licences, and of course the hire fees for the venue its self.

Our shows are funded predominantly by our audiences but we do ask for an input from cast members in the form of a 'Production Contribution'. This contribution varies from show to show, but as an example for Chicago in February 2020 will be £37.50. This is in addition to the membership fee. This fee includes a set of dress rehearsal photographs for all cast members and goes a little way to helping to fund the production. It is not intended to cover every expense incurred in getting on stage and we may still ask you to contribute to other show related items such as:

  • Tights/Undergarments (which may need to be of a specific variety)
  • Shoes
  • Occasional costume items (we will ask if you have something appropriate hiding in your wardrobe before we spend society funds on hiring or purchasing)

This isn't an exhaustive list but gives an idea of what to expect. We do feel that compared to things like gym membership or going to a pub/nightspot once a week being involved in one of our productions is a very good value pass time. However if you feel you may struggle please don't let that put you off joining one of our productions or struggle in silence. Just speak to our Treasurer/the show's producer and we will always consider helping with a bursary in certain circumstances, with the utmost discretion.

If you have any questions what so ever regarding production contributions please speak to the producer or send us a message.