The Technicolor Cast

The Technicolor Cast

The auditions are over and we now have our cast for BYG's production of 'Joseph & the Amazing Technocolor Dreamcoat'.

Congratulations to those chosen to tread the boards at The Queen's Theatre in May, and commiserations and thanks to those who auditioned but didn't make it into the company this time.

You'll notice some interesting quirks with our cast, that will become clear once you see our modern take on the story. 

The Narrators: Meryem Kalaycilar & Grace Mangan

Joseph: Danny Cashmore

Jacob, Potiphar & Pharaoh: Oliver Wattley

Mrs Potiphar: Lauren Peters

The Brothers:

Fletcher Davidson
Alfie Taylor
Gracie Avery
Evie Cunliffe
Zahi Kanj
Lilia Clarke
Erika Marshall
Lulu Goaman
Romesh Molligoda
Indi Puddifoot
Ruby Collins

Dancing Troop:

Lauren Peters
Mabel Waters
Abbie Hockin
Ailsa Reason
Neah Hamman
Florence Kent
Abigail Bellamy
Freya Ruhleman
Hannah Self
Phoenix Malone
Katelyn Davis

The Choir:

Isabella Simpson
Oliver Wattley
Evie Bellamy
Lauren Bell
Chloe Jenkins
Madeleine West
Amber Taylor
Hannah Oakley
Jasmine Williams
Sephorah Walsh
Emma Jeffery
Neve Chastney
Katherine Cawsey
Molly Penny
Lily Penny
Amy Penny
Samanta Laveniece
Skye Shaddick
Katie Pailthorpe
Cody Buckingham
Patsy Lee-Pettifer