AGM 2020

AGM 2020

As we begin the slow emergence from lock-down, we are pleased to announce the first semi-normal thing on our calendar to be happening this year... our AGM.

Naturally it will not be a face-to-face gathering, as we have enjoyed every year not affected by a pandemic, but instead will take place live on our main facebook page.

So that means as many of you who wish to attend at a safe distance will be able to as is possible. Through the power of technology you will also be able to ask questions to be raised.

Isn't technology wonderful. When it works. Watch this space!

So the live Facebook feed will be on our main Facebook page (right here) at 7:30pm on 6th August.

Hope you can tune in for an update on our plans and happenings (alongside the important business of who and how the society runs).

An update from BMCDS & BYG

An update from BMCDS & BYG

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

We are now entering what SHOULD have been our show week for Joseph. We had a great cast and an awesome production team who were seeing a fantastic show taking shape.

Well, the Covid-19 crisis put paid to that with the sensible closure of the Queen’s Theatre. Well we may have had to temporarily stow the lovely material we got to make a stunning coat for Joseph, but we are pleased to announce that we have secured the rights to produce the show next year, similarly in the May Half term.

We will publish details of casting and how it will run in the new year. Meanwhile, we will be in touch with regard to refunding your production fees for this show and will arrange a time for you to return your books as soon as conditions allow. It was decided that membership will be extended for an additional year (rather than expiring in August).


Another casualty of Covid-19 is our October production of ‘Shrek’ - which was planned to be a huge, green, fairy tale of madness with tap-dancing rats.

The Queen’s Theatre recently extended their closure to the beginning of November 2020, meaning our slot has been cancelled. Boo (but quite sensible again considering the difficulties surrounding social distancing).

A decision has yet to be made on the final fate of Shrek, but once we know, we’ll pass it on!

So until we are able to see each other again, please look after yourselves and be kind to one-another.