The Wizard of Oz Cast List

The Wizard of Oz Cast List

Thank you to everybody who auditioned today. Congratulations to all of those who gained a place in the cast, and commiserations to those who didn't make it on this occasion.

We are proud to announce the cast as follows.......

Dorothy Gale - Erin Sawyer

The Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel - Connor Holland

Wicked Witch of the West/Miss Gulch - Scarlett Rolls

Scarecrow/Hunk - Ben Davis

Tinman/Hickory - Freddie Harvey

Lion/Zeke - Trevor Searle

Glinda - Emily Edwards

Aunt Em - Naliah Ruhleman*

Uncle Henry/Winkie General - Patrick Clifton*

Emerald City Guard - Caleb Presley*

The Crows/Winkie Guards - Ethan Ashcroft*, Sebastian Stenning*, Jenson Davis*

The Trees - Meryem Kalaycilar*, Zsofia Droppa*

Nikko - Lucy Allix*

Tree/ The Jitterbug (Dance Captain) - Ellie Councell*

The Munchkins:

Mayor - Freya Ruhleman*

Barrister - Olivia Sullivan*

Coroner - Izzy Otani*

Teacher 1 - Gracie Avery*

Teacher 2 - Molly Quinn*

Braggart - Baylee-Jane Lang*

City Father 1 - Renie Crossland*

City Father 2 - Lottie Brice*

The Lullaby League - Lilia Clarke*, Amy Brokenshire*, Indie Harris*

The Lollipop Guild - Alex Sim*, Sonny Worsley*, Louis Chopra*

Ensemble (to play Munchkins, Poppies, Snowdrops, Ozians, Monkeys, Winkies, Ghosts, Bugs and more)

Charlotte Self

Keely Rose Ball

Isabella Morgan

Grace Mangan

Charles Wall

Jack Dayman

Gus Nicholson

Mia Roscoe

And of course.....

Toto - Rufus


Cast members marked with an asterix also form part of the ensemble.