Sunset Boulevard Rehearsal Schedule

Sunset Boulevard Rehearsal Schedule

Here is the provisional (we always like to cover ourselves with that get out clause!) rehearsal schedule for Sunset Boulevard...

Musical Director - Gillian Ashcroft
Performance Conductor - Paul Moulton
Director - Jake Goodenough
Choreographer - Lauren Tithecott



*Monday 23rd July Vocals <Norma, Joe> (Gillian) Songs 7, 12, 17, 22

*Monday 30th July Vocals <Artie, Betty, Joe> (Gillian) Songs 9, 10a (18, 18b) (plus J+B’s songs)

*Monday 6th August Vocals <Max, Betty, Norma, Joe> (Gillian) Act 1 Songs

*Thursday 16th August Character Work <Max, Betty, Norma, Joe> (Jake) 

*Monday 20th August Vocals <Max, Betty, Norma, Joe> (Gillian) Act 2 songs

*Thursday 30th August TBA (Jake or Gillian) <19:30 Norma, Manfred, Joe 20:15 Betty, Joe, Sheldrake, Max, Norma, Cecile B DeMille (C. DeMille if time)>. Songs 15 - The Lady’s Paying (excluding salesmen), 25 - Paramount Conversations, (26 Was that really Norma D)

Tuesday 4th September Vocals <Joe, Betty, Artie, Sheldrake, Ensemble> (Paul) Songs 2 – Let’s have lunch (9, 18, 18a if time)

Thursday 6th September Vocals <Joe, Betty, Artie, Sheldrake, Ensemble> (Paul) 2 – Let’s have lunch (9, 18, 18a if time)

Tuesday 11th September Vocals <Astrologer, Masseur 1 and 2, Beautician 1, 2, 3, Analyst, Doctor> (Gillian) Song 28 A Little Suffering

Thursday 13th September Vocals <All ensemble +Joe, Betty, Artie, Sheldrake> (Gillian) Songs 2, 9, 18, 18b, 28, All ensemble songs

Sunday 15th September Blocking Act 1 Scene 1, 2, 3, 4 <Full Company ex Max & Norma> (Jake)

Tuesday 18th September Vocals Act 1 <Full Company ex De Mille> (Gillian)

Thursday 20th September Vocals  Act 2 <Full Company ex Artie> (Gillian)

*Sunday 23rd September Blocking Scene 5 & 6 <Norma, Joe, Max> (Jake)

Tuesday 25th September Blocking Scene 7 <Joe, Betty, Artie, selected company members> (Jake)

*Thursday 27th September Blocking Scene 8 & 9 <Norma, Max, Joe> (Jake)

Sunday 30th September Run all to date & Fixings <Full Company> (Jake)

Tuesday 2nd October Vocals Act 1 <Full Company all ex De Mille> (Gillian)

Thursday 4th October Choreography Scene 10 ‘The Lady’s Paying’ <Joe, Manfred, Norma, Salesman> (Lauren)

Sunday 7th October Blocking & Choreography Act 2 Scene 12 & Recap all to date <Full Company> (Jake & Lauren)

Tuesday 9th October Vocals Act 2 <Full Company ex Artie> (Gillian)

*Thursday 11th October Act 2 Scene 11 & 13 <Max, Norma, Joe> (Jake)

Sunday 14th October Blocking Act 2 Scene 1, 2 & 5 <Full Company> (Jake)

Tuesday 16th October A Little Suffering <Massuers, Astrolger, Beauticians, Analyst, Doctor, Norma > (Jake)

*Thursday 18th October Blocking Act 2 Scene 4 & 6 <Betty & Joe> (Jake)

Sunday 21st October Blocking Act 2 Scene 7- 9 & Run Act 2 <Full Company> (Jake)

Tuesday 23rd October – Vocal Fixes <Full Company> (Gillian)

Thursday 25th October – Costume Session <Full Company>

Friday 26th October – Run Show <Full Company> (Jake)

Sunday 28th October – Orchestra rehearsal/Run through (Graham)

Monday 29th October – TBA

Tuesday 30th October – Technical/Dress rehearsal



Rehearsals will generally be held at Centre Stage, Pottington except those marked * which will be held at Jake or Gillian's home.

() indicates the production team member leading the rehearsal.