Private Peaceful Characters

Private Peaceful Characters

Private Peaceful is made up of many characters, with most of the actors we cast playing multiple roles.

Private Peaceful will be performed in Brechtian style, with all cast members on stage for the duration of the show, and we will be using minimal set, costume and props. 

With the exception of some roles, most characters will need to be played with a Devonshire accent. Characters who differentiate from this will be highlighted below.

Below is a list of characters (some with descriptions), with the potential role combinations (based on a cast of 9 men and 3 women):

Tommo (Private Peaceful) - the lead character, recapping his life before his brother's impending execution at the hands of the firing squad. The actor playing this role will not double as anybody else. Plays Tommo as a child, through to young adulthood. Tommo falls in love with Molly, who is in a relationship with his brother, leading to tension between the two. Tommo and Charlie go off to fight in the war, with Charlie continuing to protect his brother. 

Charlie - Tommo's older brother, and protective of him. The actor playing this role will not double as anybody else. Plays Charlie as a child, through to young adulthood. Charlie falls in love with Molly, with her later falling pregnant. Charlie and Tommo end up going off to fight in the war, and Charlie is later sentenced to execution, on the charge of Cowardice. 

Big Joe/ Sergeant Hanley/ German Soldier
Big Joe is the eldest of the Peaceful brothers, and has learning difficulties. He is a boy of very few words, but is often heard humming or singing 'Oranges and Lemons'. 
Sergeant Hanley is the Peaceful brothers Sergeant, or 'Horrible Hanley' as they describe him. 

Father/ Mr Munnings/ Doctor/ Pilot/ Vicar/ Brigadier/ Captain Wilkes/ Wounded Soldier/ Estaminet Owner/ Lieutenant Buckland
Father is the patriarch of the Peaceful family, who dies in a tragic accident, when a tree he is felling crushes him, with Tommo feeling the guilt of this death his entire life.
Mr Munnings is the strict teacher at Tommo and Charlie's school.
Estaminet Owner runs the pub in Belguim where the boys are fighting. Anna's father. Speaks in a Belgian/ European accent.

Molly/ Anna
Molly is a girl who wins the hearts of both Tommo and Charlie, eventually becoming romantically involved with Charlie, to Tommo's jealousy. Later becomes pregnant with Charlie's baby.
Anna is a waitress at an estaminet in Belguim, where the Peaceful brothers go to war. Speaks in a Belgian/ European accent.

Miss Mcallister/ Mother/ Different Girl
Miss Mcallister is Tommo's school teacher. Speaks in a Scottish accent.
Mother is the matriarch of the Peaceful family. Holds the family together upon the death of her husband.
Different Girl replaces Anna as a waitress at the estaminet. 

Grandma Wolf/ Toothless Old Lady/ Molly's Mother
Grandma Wolf is the great-aunt of the Peaceful boys, often looking after them. 

Nipper/ Guard - the role of Nipper can be played by either a male or female.

Pete/ Officer
Pete is a boy at the same school as Tommo and Charlie who also goes to fight in the war. 

Les/ German Soldier in Gas Mask
Les befriends Tommo at school, and is the son of a ratcatcher. Les fights in the war in Belguim.

Jimmy Parsons - a school bully, who teases Tommo about Big Joe, leading to a scuffle with Charlie. The actor will play this role only throughout the show, with the exception of some smaller ensemble roles. 

Colonel/ Chaplain/ Sergeant Major/ Orderly
Colonel owns the land and home that the Peaceful family live on. 



All cast members will be involved in an ensemble style throughout the show, so even if they are playing only a few roles, they will be heavily involved in stylised scene changes, and other smaller non-speaking roles.