Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Rehearsal Schedule

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Rehearsal Schedule

We just love pumping out these provisional (there we go again!) rehearsal schedules don't we!

Musical Director: Paul Moulton
Choreographer: Lauren Tithecott
Director: Jake Goodenough

Saturday 20th October Afternoon from 2pm and into the evening Auditions for adults, Jemima and Jeremy. If any younger people under the age of 16 would like to audition to be part of the adult company they will be welcome on this date.


Sunday 4th November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul)

Tuesday 6th November Choreography <Potts> (Lauren)

Thursday 8th November Vocals <Baron/ness from 19:30, Potts/Truly from 20:30> (Paul)

Sunday 11th November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul)

Tuesday 13th November Blocking Act 1 Scene 2 & You Two/Them Three <Potts, Grandpa, Jeremy & Jemima> (Jake)

Thursday 15th November Blocking Act 1 Scene 3 & 4 <Miss Phillips, Potts, Truly, Jemima, Jeremy, Scrumptious, Chef, Boris, Goran> (Jake)

Sunday 18th November Blocking & Choreography Act 1 Scene 1 inc opening & You Two <Full Company> (Jake & Lauren) & photo session 

Tuesday 20th November Vocals <Potts, Grandpa, Morris Men, Inventors> (Paul)

Thursday 22nd November Vocals <Full Company excluding Jeremy, Jemima & Scrumptious> (Paul)

Sunday 25th November Blocking Act 1 Scene 1 & Run all to date <Mrs Coggins, Junkman, Potts, Jemima and Jeremy from 10:00, full company from 11:00> (Jake)

Tuesday 27th November Vocals <Jeremy, Jemima (finish at 9) Potts, Truly, Grandpa> (Paul)

Thursday 29th November Choreography <Morris men & Potts> (Lauren) FROM 8PM!!!

Sunday 2nd December Choreography Toot Sweets & Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul AM & Lauren PM)

Tuesday 4th December Choreography Act English <Boris, Goran> (Lauren)

Thursday 6th December Choreography Posh <Grandpa, Potts, Jemima, Jeremy> (Lauren)

Sunday 9th December Blocking & Choreography Act 1 Scene 6 & the Old Bamboo <Adult Company, Potts, Goran, Boris, Violet, Sid, Turkey Farmer> (Jake & Lauren)

Tuesday 11th December Blocking Act 1 Scene 5 inc Hushaby Mountain <Jeremy, Potts, Jemima> (Jake)

Thursday 13th December Blocking Act 1 Scene 7 inc Posh <Grandpa, Potts, Jemima, Jeremy, Boris, Goran>

Sunday 16th December Choreography Act 1 Scene 8 & CCBB/Truly Scrumptious <Potts, Truly, Jeremy, Jemima, Boris & Goran> (Lauren)

Tuesday 18th December Blocking  Act 1 Scene 8 & CCBB/Truly Scrumptious <Potts, Truly, Jeremy, Jemima, Boris & Goran> (Jake & Lauren)

Thursday 20th December As Required <Full Company> (Jake & Lauren)

Sunday 23rd December Run all to date & fixings

Thursday 27th December Blocking Act 1 Scene 9 & 10 <Baron, Baroness, Captain, Childcatcher, Grandpa, Truly, Boris, Goran, Jeremy & Jemima, Potts> (Jake)

Friday (afternoon/evening - time TBC) 28th December Children’s company audition (playing age 12 and under)

Saturday (all day) 29th December Act 2 Scene 4 & Choreography Teamwork <Toymaker, Children, Kids, Truly, Potts,> (Jake & Lauren)

Sunday 30th December Blocking Act 2 Scene 1 & Choreography Roses of Success <Full adult company, Jemima & Jeremy> (Jake & Lauren)

Thursday 3rd January Blocking Act 2 Scene 2 & Lovely, Lovely Man <Toymaker, Potts, Truly, Childcatcher, Soldiers 1&2, Jemima & Jeremy> (Jake)

Sunday 6th January Choreography Doll on a Music Box <Truly>, Bombie Samba <Baroness, Baron & Company> & Finale <Full Company> (Lauren)

Tuesday 8th January Blocking Act 2 Scene 3 & Chu-Chi Face <Baron, Baroness> (Jake)

Thursday 10th January Blocking Act 2 Scene 5 <Full Company> (Jake)

Sunday 13th January – Run Show & Vocal fixes (inc Kids Company)

Monday 14th January – Run Act 1

Tuesday 15th January – Run Act 2

Wednesday 16th January – Choreography fixes

Thursday 17th January – Costume fitting session

Friday 18th January – Run Show

Saturday (afternoon) 19th January – Run all kids scenes/numbers (inc Kids Company)

Sunday 20th January till late - Orchestra rehearsal, followed by theatre placings (inc Kids Company)

Monday 21st January – Technical rehearsal

Tuesday 22nd January – Technical rehearsal

Wednesday 23rd January – Performance rehearsal

Thursday 24th January - Opening night 

Additional performances - 25th January evening, 26th January x 2, and 27th January x 2 

The name in () indicates which production team member would be leading that rehearsal.

Sunday rehearsals will generally be 10:00 to 17:00.

Weekday rehearsals will generally be evenings - timings TBA but usually from 19:30 to 22:00