Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Rehearsal Schedule

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Rehearsal Schedule

We just love pumping out these provisional (there we go again!) rehearsal schedules don't we!

Musical Director: Paul Moulton
Choreographer: Lauren Tithecott
Director: Jake Goodenough

Saturday 20th October Afternoon and Evening Auditions for adults, Jemima and Jeremy.


Sunday 4th November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul)

Tuesday 6th November Blocking Act 1 Scene 1 <Full Company> (Jake)

Thursday 8th November Blocking Act 1 Scene 2 & You Two/Them Three <Potts, Grandpa, Jeremy & Jemima> (Jake)

Sunday 11th November Blocking & Choreography Act 1 Scene 1 inc opening & You Two <Full Company> (Jake & Lauren)

Tuesday 13th November Blocking Act 1 Scene 3 & 4 <Miss Phillips, Potts, Truly, Jemima, Jeremy, Scrumptious, Chef, Boris, Goran> (Jake)

Thursday 15th November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul)

Sunday 18th November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul)

Tuesday 20th November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul)

Thursday 22nd November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul)

Sunday 25th November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul) & photo session

Tuesday 27th November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul)

Thursday 29th November Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul)

Sunday 2nd December Choreography Toot Sweets & Vocals <Full Company/TBA> (Paul & Lauren)

Tuesday 4th December Choreography Act English <Boris, Goran> (Lauren)

Thursday 6th December Blocking Act 1 Scene 5 inc Hushaby Mountain <Jeremy, Potts, Jemima> (Jake)

Sunday 9th December Blocking & Choreography Act 1 Scene 6 & the Old Bamboo <Adult Company, Potts, Goran, Boris, Violet, Sid, Turkey Farmer> (Jake & Lauren)

Tuesday 11th December Choreography Posh <Grandpa, Potts, Jemima, Jeremy>

Thursday 13th December Blocking Act 1 Scene 7 inc Posh <Grandpa, Potts, Jemima, Jeremy, Boris, Goran>

Sunday 16th December Blocking & Choreography Act 1 Scene 8 & CCBB/Truly Scrumptious <Potts, Truly, Jeremy, Jemima, Boris & Goran> (Jake & Lauren)

Tuesday 18th December

Thursday 20th December

Sunday 23rd December Run all to date & fixings

Thursday 27th December Blocking Act 1 Scene 9 & 10 <Baron, Baroness, Captain, Childcatcher, Grandpa, Truly, Boris, Goran, Jeremy & Jemima, Potts> (Jake)

Friday (afternoon) 28th December Children’s company audition

Saturday (all day) 29th December Act 2 Scene 4 & Choreography Teamwork <Toymaker, Children, Kids, Truly, Potts,> (Jake & Lauren)

Sunday 30th December Blocking Act 2 Scene 1 & Choreography Roses of Success <Full adult company, Jemima & Jeremy> (Jake & Lauren)

Thursday 3rd January Blocking Act 2 Scene 2 & Lovely, Lovely Man <Toymaker, Potts, Truly, Childcatcher, Soldiers 1&2, Jemima & Jeremy> (Jake)

Sunday 6th January Choreography Doll on a Music Box <Truly>, Bombie Samba <Baroness, Baron & Company> & Finale <Full Company> (Lauren)

Tuesday 8th January Blocking Act 2 Scene 3 & Chu-Chi Face <Baron, Baroness> (Jake)

Thursday 10th January Blocking Act 2 Scene 5 <Full Company> (Jake)

Sunday 13th January – Run Show & Vocal fixes

Monday 14th January – Run Act 1

Tuesday 15th January – Run Act 2

Wednesday 16th January – Choreography fixes

Thursday 17th January – Costume fitting session

Friday 18th January – Run Show

Saturday (afternoon) 19th January – Run all kids scenes/numbers

Sunday 20th January till late - Orchestra rehearsal, followed by theatre placings

Monday 21st January – Technical rehearsal

Tuesday 22nd January – Performance Rehearsal

Wednesday 23rd January – Opening night



The name in () indicates which production team member would be leading that rehearsal.

Sunday rehearsals will generally be 10:00 to 17:00.

Weekday rehearsals will generally be evenings - timings TBA but usually from 19:30 to 22:00